Yaw, Wheeland Announces RACP Grants in Lycoming County

Dec. 06, 2021 /

LYCOMING – Sen. Gene Yaw (R- Bradford/Lycoming/Sullivan/Susquehanna/Union) and Rep. Jeff Wheeland (R-Lycoming) announced Lycoming County and Lending Properties, LLC were awarded Redevelopment Assistance Capitol Program (RACP) grants.

State Legislators Announce CFA Grants for Lycoming County

Nov. 19, 2021 /

HARRISBURG – Sen. Gene Yaw (R-Bradford/Lycoming/Sullivan/Susquehanna/Union) joined state Reps. Jeff Wheeland (R-Lycoming) and Reps. Joe Hamm (R-Lycoming) in announcing that Lycoming County is being awarded four Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) grants.

Wheeland: Senior Scam Seminar Sept. 9

Sep. 03, 2021 /

WHAT: Rep. Jeff Wheeland (R-Lycoming) invites senior citizens for a senior scam seminar to learn how to protect yourself and loved ones from identity theft. A guide on potential scams and fraud will be provided.

Hamm, Wheeland Co-Host Policy Committee to Discuss Economic Growth

Aug. 18, 2021 / Press Release

HARRISBURG – Working toward the goal of economic recovery and growth for Pennsylvania, Reps. Joe Hamm (R-Lycoming/Union) and Jeff Wheeland (R-Lycoming) co-hosted a panel of educational, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and business leaders before the House Majority Policy Committee in Lycoming County on Tuesday to address the issues facing Pennsylvania businesses today.

Policy Committee to Discuss Growing PA’s Economy in Williamsport

Aug. 13, 2021 /

WHAT: At the invitation of Reps. Jeff Wheeland (R-Lycoming) and Joe Hamm (R-Lycoming/Union), the House Majority Policy Committee, chaired by Rep. Martin Causer (R-Cameron/McKean/Potter), is hosting a hearing to continue the discussion of how best to grow Pennsylvania’s economy.

Wheeland Says, State House Advances State Budget Bill

Jun. 25, 2021 /

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Jeff Wheeland (R-Lycoming) today voted to support Senate Bill 255, the primary piece of legislation which makes up the 2021-22 state budget package. The bill, which passed by a 140-61 margin, must now be considered by the state Senate.

Wheeland Joins House Leaders Calling for an Investigation into COVID-19 Contact Tracing Data Breach

May. 04, 2021 /

HARRISBURG - Rep. Jeff Wheeland (R-Lycoming) and Rep. Jason Ortitay (R-Washington/Allegheny), along with House Majority Whip Donna Oberlander (R-Clarion/Armstrong/Forest) and Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre/Mifflin), yesterday spoke about the COVID-19 contact tracing data breach by the Wolf administration, missed opportunities to reduce the risks to Pennsylvanians and called for a full, independent investigation.

House State Government Committee to Mark End of Election Review Hearings

Apr. 20, 2021 /

WHAT: The House State Government Committee recently concluded its non-partisan and bi-partisan review of Pennsylvania’s election process and laws. Over the course of 10 hearings, the committee heard from more than 50 testifiers ranging from national election experts to county election officials, and from top Pennsylvania election officials to officials who oversee elections in other states. Pennsylvania was the only state to complete an inclusive review of its election laws and administration prior to moving legislation.

Wheeland Disappointed in Wolf Budget Proposal Including New Taxes

Feb. 04, 2021 /

HARRISBURG - Rep. Jeff Wheeland (R-Lycoming) on Thursday issued the following statement in response to Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget proposal that seeks to raise taxes on working families and the natural gas industry while lowering the Corporate Net Income Tax.

Wheeland Reintroduces Bill to Strengthen Voter ID Law

Dec. 03, 2020 /

HARRISBURG - Rep. Jeff Wheeland (R-Lycoming) has reintroduced House Bill 1579, legislation to apply voter ID requirements to each and every election, including photo and non-photo options as acceptable forms of ID.

Wheeland Supports Budget with No New Taxes or Spending

Nov. 20, 2020 /

HARRISBURG - Rep. Jeff Wheeland (R-Lycoming), a member of the House Appropriations Committee, voted in support of the FY2020-21 budget. Senate Bill 1350 appropriates $32.1 billion of state funds and $3.4 billion of federal stimulus dollars. The budget decreases state spending by more than $760 million, or 2.1 percent from last year, and it continues to fully fund schools and education as well as public health and community safety without any new taxes or tax increases.

Wheeland Supports Audit of 2020 Election Process

Nov. 10, 2020 /

HARRISBURG - Rep. Jeff Wheeland (R-Lycoming), member of the House State Government Committee, today issued the following statement on the need for an audit of the 2020 election process to ensure legal disputes can be resolved in a timely manner and to assure Americans that future elections will be fair, transparent and trustworthy.

Local Legislators Applaud Passage of Restaurant Re-Open Bill

Sep. 23, 2020 /

HARRISBURG - Sen. Gene Yaw, and Reps. Garth Everett (R-Lycoming/Union) and Jeff Wheeland (R-Lycoming) applauded the passage of Everett’s House Bill 2513 today in the House. The bill ensures restaurants and taverns can operate safely and be protected from unconstitutional mandates from the Governor’s Office or the activist state Supreme Court.

Everett, Wheeland, Rowe Urge Governor to Sign Bipartisan Transparency Bill

Jul. 22, 2020 /

HARRISBURG - Reps. Garth Everett (R-Lycoming/Union), Jeff Wheeland (R-Lycoming) and David Rowe (R-Snyder/Union) today issued the following statement after the announcement from Gov. Tom Wolf at yesterday’s press conference that he plans to veto House Bill 2463. The bill would ensure Right-to-Know (RTK) requests are answered during state of emergency declarations and it was passed unanimously by the General Assembly.