Jan. 10, 2019

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Veterans Should Review Benefits

As the New Year starts, the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) suggests veterans review the benefits they have earned through their service.

Veterans should check with a veterans service officer to see if a change in their circumstances or in benefit policies could make them eligible for different programs.

Veterans are encouraged to apply for federal health care and state benefits by visiting their local county director of veterans affairs or area accredited service organizations. County directors can be found by clicking here.

DMVA officials stress that veterans and their dependents should never pay for help to apply for benefits. There are about 200 veterans service officers in Pennsylvania who work with organizations such as the DMVA, county veterans affairs offices, and several veterans service organizations available to provide assistance at no cost.

To get timely information about state benefits, programs and services, veterans are urged to sign up for DMVA’s Veterans Registry at register.dmva.pa.gov.

Congratulations to Retiring President of Williamsport-Lycoming Chamber of Commerce!
Congratulations to Dr. Vince Matteo on his retirement from the Williamsport-Lycoming Chamber of Commerce! Dr. Matteo served the Chamber as president with great distinction and our community is incredibly thankful for the work he has done for the area’s economy.


January is Cervical Health Awareness Month
In recognition of January as Cervical Health Awareness Month, residents are reminded of the Commonwealth’s HealthyWoman Program, a free breast and cervical cancer early detection program for those who are not insured or whose insurance doesn’t cover the screenings.

Nearly 13,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year, but the disease is virtually always preventable with vaccination and appropriate screening.

The most common form of cervical cancer starts with pre-cancerous changes that can be found and treated before they turn into cancer. The changes do not have symptoms but can be detected through regular screening.

Among the services offered are pelvic exams, Pap smears and follow-up diagnostic tests for an abnormal screening result. Cervical cancer screenings are recommended for women beginning at age 21.

For more information, call the HealthyWoman hotline at 1-800-215-7494 or click here

8 Tips for Starting your Own Business in 2019
The Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) shared tips and planning advice for launching your business in the new year.

Read their helpful blogpost to learn more about the important planning steps you should take before taking the leap and officially registering and launching your business. In a nutshell, DCED recommends that aspiring entrepreneurs remember these key tips:

1. Identify your business’s value proposition.
2. Do your research.
3. Establish a support network.
4. Write your business plan.
5. Get your finances in order.
6. Make it official.
7. Avoid burnout by taking it a day at a time.
8. You’re never done learning.

To learn more about starting, registering, operating and growing a business in Pennsylvania, visit the PA Business One-Stop Shop website.

Visit the PA Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) website to learn more about their programs and services for aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses.
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