Jan. 02, 2019

Rep. Jeff C. Wheeland is shown here on the House floor with his wife during the swearing-in day celebration at the state Capitol.
HARRISBURG – Rep. Jeff C. Wheeland (R-Lycoming) and Rep. Garth Everett (R-Lycoming/Union), who will be returning to their seats after winning re-election, were sworn into office yesterday afternoon during the swearing-in ceremony of the 203rd Pennsylvania General Assembly held at the state Capitol.

Wheeland said some of his priorities include continuing to work with colleagues from Northeastern Pennsylvania to fight for fair oil and gas royalties, property tax reform and other important job-creating measures.

“With my recent appointment to the position of deputy chair of the Policy Committee, I’ll have a stronger footing in Harrisburg to push for policies important to the region,” said Wheeland.

Everett said he was proud of being part of efforts to secure needed funding for local projects and services, such as volunteer fire and emergency services and a new boat launch ramp in Muncy.

Rep. Garth Everett is shown here on the House floor with Chanin Zwing.
“I’m proud that I have been able to be an effective resource for the people in my district who continue to need help for local projects,” said Everett. “I’m thankful for the trust of my constituents and I’m looking forward to continue working with my colleagues, Sen. Gene Yaw and Rep. Wheeland, to best serve our region.”

Both Wheeland and Everett also stressed the need to maintain an effective defense against irresponsible spending and taxation proposals from the governor.

“The governor may feel like he does not have to be held accountable this time around in his second term, so we’re looking to make sure that doesn’t happen. Taxpayers deserve to have a state government that doesn’t tax prosperity away, but rather invites it,” they said.

Rep. Jeff C. Wheeland
83rd District
Rep. Garth D. Everett
84th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Alison Basley