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Madison Wertz
Madison Wertz Petition Drive

An outstanding young lady from Loyalsock Township, 11-year-old Madison Wertz, is conducting a petition drive to raise awareness of, and promote funding to help rape victims in Pennsylvania through getting untested rape kits processed.

Her efforts are impressive and bring added attention to an issue that we are continuing to address legislatively in the General Assembly.

Last year, Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale issued a report indicating there were more than 3,000 untested rape kits in the Commonwealth, with more than 1,850 kits that spent more than a year awaiting action.

In addition to coming legislative action in the new session, Madison is taking her petition nationwide to help rape victims in every state. Specifically, the petition calls for all states to find funding to pay to test their rape kits, and to upload all useable DNA into the federal database known as CODIS, to help identify serial offenders. The petition will be sent to the governors of all 50 states.

I am pleased to help in this effort. I encourage you to sign the petition and help this worthy cause.

To read about, and sign the petition, click here


Madison Wertz meets the media in Harrisburg.